Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Haven't written in a while. I miss it.

My classmates would freak out...."what the hell? we have to write so much...for heaven's sake that's what we are here to do....!?@$%^&!"

But actually, NO.

I do NOT consider any of those seminar papers orcritical reviews writing.

I can't write anymore, that is evident. NOt even poetry.

All that I do now to compensate is to scribble down lines here and there and try translating Tagore once in a while.

HATE it.

I wonder when I'll write again.


Anushka said...

Aww, Soupy. This suddenly brings back a lot of memories. Don't worry. Experience must have taught you, it's just a phase :)

Soapsuds said...


From whatever little it is that I'm able to gather from reading your posts, most of it tells me that you have a wonderful way of putting your thoughts into words, such that they never lose their sensitivity and depth and yet are illuminated with a strong sense of reason and perception, qualities I would attribute only to few writers I know of. Therefore, I believe I must press upon you that your writings have provided me with much delight and introspection and I sincerely hope you will not stem the flow, that I may expect to be charmed again, on a summer afternoon, soon enough.

Sudarshana :)